Start of the plant for the treatment of metal containing materials

Relux Brenn­stoffp­roduk­tion (RDF produc­tion), loc­ated in Prem­nitz close to Berlin, has now star­ted to treat metal con­taining input materials. This is the prerequisiton to estab­lish the own developed treat­ment proc­ess within the mar­ket. Aim of this proc­ess is, to enable us, to use dif­ficult material like vehicle shred­der residue or metal con­taining lef­tovers from mech­anical waste treat­ment as input material for RDF produc­tion. At the same time the con­tained metal can be gained and can be used as prec­ious resour­ce. Due to the innovative treat­ment proc­ess, it will be pos­sible to rec­ycle other metal con­taining materials e.g. from elect­ronic waste or plas­tics rec­ycling. Our high qualif­ied staff at Prem­nitz site is happy to answer you all ques­tions related to this promising issue.

erstellt am 27.08.2012