Relux Umwelt cont­ributes to the preser­vation of nature through closed cyc­les of materials.

This way we developed a new con­cept for enduring and resour­ce friendly rec­ycling methods with the aim to provide high quality resour­ce and material rec­ycling.


Our ser­vices are a broad spect­rum of dis­posal and rec­ycling pos­sibilites. Our respon­sibilites and ser­vices are based on spec­ial dis­posal and rec­ycling methods and divided in dif­ferent business sec­tions to provide an optimal focus on spec­ific proc­esses of dis­posal and rec­ycling. We provide ser­vices in the areas of mine fil­ling and slag heap rec­ultivation, elect­ronic scrap rec­yling, light bulb and bat­tery rec­ycling, sor­ting of syn­thetic materials and the fol­lowing produc­tion of fur­nish and com­pounds, the produc­tion of sur­rogate fuel as well as the dis­posal of medical waste.


If you are interes­ted in a spec­ific type of waste dis­posal and re­cy­cling, you can acc­ess additional inf­ormation to the spec­ific ser­vices on the respec­tive sub­pages.