Mine filling

Relux Umwelt is copart­ner of NDH-E, which operates the for­mer potas­sium mines Bleic­herode and

Soll­stedt as back­fill mines for waste rec­ycling.

A back­fill liable void volume of over seven mil­lion cubic meters was created in over 90 years of salt mining. Our qualif­ied per­sonal and the app­lic­ation of state-of-the-art tech­nological equip­ment guaran­tee a sec­ure and environ­men­tally friendly waste re­cy­cling.


Sub­stan­tial charac­teris­tics of the rec­ycled waste are ver­satile. The delivery of pow­dered, moist, pasty and solid waste is pos­sible due to variable acc­eptan­ce sys­tems. App­lic­able was­tes are for example fil­ter dust, solid waste from ther­mal fac­ilities, ooze, press cake and con­taminated soil.

The type of back­fill which is app­lied is deter­mined by the waste quality and expert opinions.
We dif­feren­tiate between Big-Bag and hyd­raulic back­fill. 



Big-Bag back­fill
In the Big-Bag pac­kaging fac­ility it is pos­sible to acc­ept, con­dition and pack waste of diverse con­sis­ten­cies as well as reloc­ate and clear already fil­led Big-Bags.


Hyd­raulic back­fill
The waste which is used as sink back­fill is acc­epted as silo wares or bulk goods.
By using a spec­ified rec­ipe a back­fill com­pound is manuf­actured, which mixed with mine leach is pum­ped through spec­ial tubes to the mine shaft where it is flus­hed in the under­ground cavities. The har­dened back­fill com­pound then estab­lis­hes a unity with the grown hydro genetic rock.


Our subsidiaries in this sector:

NDH-Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft Bleicherode