Medical waste recovery

Teuto-Ent­sor­gung for medical fac­ilities is spec­ialized on medical waste rec­overy. Teuto retrieves medical waste in around 2.000 medical prac­tices, hos­pital fac­ilities and laboratories nation­wide and is one of the leading ser­vice providers of medical waste rec­overy. Inf­ectious waste, bodily parts and organ waste, fixer and developer, cytos­tatics as well as other typical medical waste is col­lec­ted in spec­ial con­tainers and tran­spor­ted by state-of-the-art waste logis­tics to cer­tif­ied dis­posal fac­ilities for fur­ther treat­ment.


Teuto-Ent­sor­gung is waste manage­ment com­pany cer­tif­ied. The waste manage­ment com­pany cer­tif­icate and the allowed waste-types are found under down­loads. Fur­ther inf­ormation about teuto-Ent­sor­gung and the mentioned ser­vices can be found on the com­pany page and the mentioned web­site of the com­pany.




Our subsidiaries in this sector:

teuto-entsorgung GmbH