Battery recycling

Bat­teries con­tain valuable raw materials and hazar­dous com­ponents like lead, cad­mium and merc­ury, and have to be dis­posed prof­essionally. Relux Umwelt, an ent­erprise of Relux Group, sort and dis­poses used bat­teries.


Bat­teries are com­posed mainly of metals which can be wholly rec­ycled. Metals like, zinc man­ganese, iron and if app­lic­able merc­ury can be rec­overed by re­cy­cling bat­teries. These metals are then retur­ned as sec­ondary raw materials into the cycle of materials.


Zinc-car­bon and alkali-man­ganese bat­teries are opened mech­anic­ally and then utilized.