We create your resour­ces.

Relux Umwelt is your reliable part­ner for rec­ycling, waste manage­ment and supply with sec­ondary raw materials. Toge­ther with our part­ners we offer you a full ser­vice for all parts of waste manage­ment.


We focus on wor­king out individual solutions for waste frac­tions. Our emp­hasis lies on the com­bination of reliable dis­posal solutions with rec­ycling and provision of raw materials from this waste.


Relux Umwelt provides an impor­tant cont­ribution for climate and resour­ce protec­tion by app­lic­ation of state-of-the-art tech­nologies for rec­ycling and raw material produc­tion. The high-end solutions for waste manage­ment cont­ribute to sub­stitute valuable primary resour­ces and crude oil.